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Spring Valley Baptist School and Church was officially begun in July 1999 by Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice Nganga.

The Spring Valley Slum in Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya where Spring Valley Baptist School and Church is currently located, was at the time a very desolate place, the poverty level in the area was so high that every year about one hundred children would die of starvation, water borne diseases and HIV complications. Due to extreme poverty and having no means to bury the children, the adults in the community would throw the dead children in the open sewer/river that flows in the Spring Valley area.

 During some visits to the community thorough a church Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice became aware of the extreme poverty in the area and the high mortality rate of the children. They started feeling a heavy burden from the Lord for these children and they could not stop worrying about them. After much prayer and soul searching they felt led by God to help rescue these children from the jaws of death and despair. To accomplish this, Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice chose to start a Centre of education, a church and a feeding program for the children of Spring Valley slums and community.

Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice had very few resources and very little money when they started. They used what little was left of their retirement money to start the project. The community of Spring Valley was very hostile towards Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice as they started the project. The crime rate in the area was very high, and the criminal war lords of the area did not want a church and school project to interfere with their criminal agenda.

The children in the area were idle because their parents could not afford to take them to school and so the criminals were using the children to peddle drugs and do petty crimes for them. The criminals did not want the school and church to interfere with this cheap child labor. Rape and child molestation was rampant in the area and young girls in the community were often peddled by their parents and relatives so that they could earn money for the family. As Pastor and Teacher Alice started the project they were threatened on a daily basis by criminals, various gangs, and members of the community but they kept their eyes fixed on the Cross despite their trials and God watched over them and protected them from harm.

Below are some photos of the early days when we started.

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