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The month of March has been a wonderful, eventful, rewarding and blessed month for the students, teachers, staff and church of Spring Valley. The month started with the students finishing up their mid-term exams which they had started in the last week of February and they ...

As the world marks World Water Day today, an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater, over 1.1million Kenyans are facing starvation due to a drought crisis that keeps on recurring year after year. The government is still looking for a permane...


In a recent research done by Bretton Woods Institution which is part of the World Bank, Africa is a continent full of the world resources but it is the poorest continent in the world. According to the research Africa including Kenya has the following unique features a...

It’s almost the end of March and in Spring Valley several preparations are going on focusing on the children, the project and the church.

Preparation 1-The Children and School
The children are working hard in their studies and the teachers are preparing the...

It has been a busy term for the children of Spring Valley because they started a new school year in January and each child had to adjust being in a new class and learn new subjects and topics. The biggest adjustment has been for the child...

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