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The water pump that pumps water from the Spring Valley Water Well to the water tanks in the school compound, malfunctioned and was damaged on Sunday night after a power surge in the electric system caused by the Kenya power and lighting company which is the main supplier of electricity in Kenya. The power surge caused a lot of electric malfunction and damage in Spring Valley and the greater Kayole area.

Pastor Stanley and Tr. Jesse contacted Living Water International, who sent a team on Tuesday February 26th to remove the Water Pump from the Well and repair it. For the last two days the school has been surviving with the water that was remaining in the water tanks and the children have been using the water sparingly.

The Living Water team arrived at Spring Valley very early Tuesday morning and got to work immediately removing the pipes attached to the pump and the pump itself but it was a hard task and at one point they had to fish out the water pump from the Well when some of the pipes detached themselves.

The team worked hard all day and partly at night and they were finally able to remove the pump from the Well at mid-night. Another electric and engineering team arrived from Living Water early Wednesday morning to repair the pump, the pump motor and do a bit of maintenance.

The engineer also placed an electric guard that will shut down the power automatically anytime there is a power surge so that a similar incident can be avoided.

We are very glad to report that after three days of not being able to pump water, everything is now back to normal and the pump is now working properly. The school can now pump water again and everyone is very relieved because the water supply was dwindling very fast in the tanks.

Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice are very grateful to the Living Water team who responded and came to the aide of the school very quickly, and also to our partners around the world whose love, care and support assists and provides the school and the children with all they need.

NB: Attached below are pictures of the water pump being fished out and repaired

Report by,
Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,
Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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