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Since the Talitha koum dorms were built and the girls started occupying them over 5 years ago, the curtains have never been changed in the two dorms. The children really take care of them by washing them every weekend but over time the curtains have become thread bare.
To make it worse due to wear and tear the curtains have become see through and the girls do not have privacy as they dress and they can be seen from outside.

Last week Tr. Alice and Pastor Stanley decided that the two Talitha koum dorms needed new curtains so that the girls’ dignity and privacy would be protected.
Tr. Alice contracted the school tailor Christine and Lillian (dorm 1 parent) who both know how to sow and knit and she sent them to shop for curtain cloth and materials. The ladies went shopping for the materials after measuring the dorm windows and they came back with beautiful cloth and materials for the girls’ dorms.

The tailor took about three day sowing the curtains using sowing machines that were donated along time ago to Spring Valley and they are used for such occasions.

By Monday the curtains were done and Wednesday the new curtains were placed in the dorms. The girls were very excited by the new curtains and they really love the new look the dorm has. Now the girls can dress and sleep in the dorms without fear because now they have privacy thanks to the new curtains.

We want to thank all our partners and friends whose generous donations allow Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice to take care of the needs of the children. May the Lord continue to bless each one of you in a special way for making great things happen in the lives of the children.
NB: Attached below are pictures of the new curtains in the dorms

Report by,
Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,
Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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