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Spring Valley School and Church is a wonderful safe place where the children not only receive food, shelter, and an education but they also get taught the word of God, and the core values of society that molds and shapes them into becoming better stewards and human beings. Below are some recent examples of how this is taking place in Spring Valley;

This past Sunday the children, their parents and the rest of the Spring Valley church congregation were taught the word of God by a wonderful guest Speaker and a great friend of Spring Valley, Rev. Joseph Matthew who is visiting Kenya from India, and he was accompanied by Mr. Clement who is a great friend of Spring Valley also and a great Math tutor to the older children in class seven and Eight, and Mr. Robins a friend of theirs.


Rev. Joseph Mathew preached on the Lessons learned from the storms of life from John 14:15-33 and he taught on dealing with the challenges of life using the word ofGod. It was a timely word for the children and congregation of Spring Valley who face great storms and a lot of Spiritual attacks on a daily basis in their lives. A lot of people and children responded to the alter call and prayers offered at the end of the service.

It was a victorious day and a lot of spiritual battles were won in Spring Valley on Sunday. The church service was very lively with the praise and worship team leading people in great praise with the help of Rev. Mathew, the melody makers also got to dance to Jesus to the delight of the congregation and Tr. Alice led the choir in wonderful songs exalting Jesus.


Every Monday and Friday the school has morning assembly where the whole school gathers from 7:45am to 8:15am in the church. This is a time the children lead in songs of praise, thanking God for the beginning of a new week (Monday) or the closing of a week (Friday). The children do most of the leading with the assistance of Tr. Jesse and the staff. This helps the children in overcoming their fear of public speaking, it helps to build their self-esteem and it’s a way for the staff to see the natural borne leaders among the children.

The scouts lead the children in every assembly in singing the Kenya national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and some patriotic songs and this assists the children to love their country and be patriotic. Tr. Jesse then gives the school announcements, and shares some words of wisdom using the word of God with children on topics such as obedience, hard work, importance of getting an education, honoring God, being respectful and responsible.

All the above things, are playing a huge role, in changing the children who will be great men and women in the future. They will be able to impact and transform their communities and the country positively.

We are all extremely grateful to all our partners whose support in any way given, be it in donations, prayers, encouragement or taking the time to come visit and preach to the children has made Spring Valley children’s Centre and School a great success.

You are all very precious to us and the children, and we highly appreciate you. May the Lord keep special crowns up in Heaven for each one of you, for the great life transforming work that you are assisting Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice in accomplishing here at Spring Valley.

Report by,
Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,
Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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