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According to a recent survey conducted by the ministry of Education of Kenya, the boy child has the highest school drop out rate compared to girls. The girls are completing their education, and even joining universities and getting great jobs unlike the boys. Boys are also most likely to be involved in drug and substance abuse, get recruited into crime and terrorist groups.

It is an alarming problem around the country and in a recent school district meeting that Tr. Jesse had to attend on Wednesday March 6th, the school ministry really emphasized the need to take care and rescue the boy child because the future of the country is now at stake.

Some of the factors contributing to this is that a lot of boys especially boys from poor neighborhoods and slums are usually overlooked, demotivated, abused, and looked down upon while more people and organizations concentrate on rescuing the girl child.

Here at Spring Valley, Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice are committed to rescuing, motivating and transforming the lives of the boy child. So far 50 boys who were in a lot of danger have already been rescued and placed in the Joshua boys’ dorms and their lives have changed significantly and positively. The school needs to rescue another 25 boys who are also going through a tough time and need to be placed in Joshua boys’ dorm 3.

The dorm is almost complete and just needs a few items like doors to the toilets/shower stalls, and some plumbing fixtures and then the dorm will be ready for occupation! We are all very excited about this progress especially the boys and we want to thank all our partners whose support and contribution has made it possible for the continued construction of the Joshua boys’ dorms. Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice still need your help in completing dorm 3 and fixing the top floor and roof so that the building can be complete.

By helping to rescue the boy child you are playing a big role in transforming the lives of lost children and impacting the future of a whole community. May the Lord bless you greatly for all you do for the children of Spring Valley

NB: Attached below are pictures of the boys doing various activities in the school

Report by,

Margaret Nderi,Social Worker,

Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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