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As the world marks World Water Day today, an annual UN observance day that highlights the importance of freshwater, over 1.1million Kenyans are facing starvation due to a drought crisis that keeps on recurring year after year. The government is still looking for a permanent solution to the hunger and drought problem in the country but in the meantime people in 47 counties are facing water and food crisis due to the below average 2018 October-December rains and the delay in the 2019 march-may rains which will further impact the food security in the country until July 2019. The government has released over 2 billion shillings to deal with the crisis and hopefully it will be averted.
This would have been a big reality for the children of Spring Valley if it wasn’t for the feeding program. The children who come from very poor families and cannot afford the extremely high prices of food that has been caused by the drought would be facing starvation.
Truly the school is an oasis and safe haven for over 300 children who God has loved so much and protected them from disaster year after year. Through the help of you our wonderful and loyal partners the school has a permanent Water Well that provides clean excellent water 24/7 year in year out to the children and the entire community, the school has a generator that is of great assistance when the school has power outages which is often during drought season, the school has a successful feeding program that feeds the children 3-4 times a day and on Sundays the children and all the community members get to eat a meal after church.
The children at the school look to Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice as their parents and are totally dependent on them for all their needs. Without the support from you, our wonderful partners and friends around the world, the school would not be able to feed the children, they would drop out of school in search of food and some especially the young ones might even lose their lives as it used to happen 20yrs ago here in Spring Valley.
You our partners are true humanitarians and good will ambassadors for the children and community of Spring Valley. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to save and transform the life of a child in Spring Valley. We are very grateful for each one of you and forever indebted to you.
NB: Attached below are some pictures of the children in various activities in the school

Report by,
Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,
Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga


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