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The last three months in Spring Valley have been very busy, rewarding and full of blessings for the children and teachers of the school. As the term draws to an end, Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice are very grateful to God for all the provisions and care He has given and shown the children of Spring Valley. Below is a summary of the term and the events that took place.

The performance of the children academically has seen marked improvement in all the classes. The teachers have been working very hard to teach the children and spend one on one time with the children who have difficulties in certain subjects. The children in baby class who started school this year have really adjusted well to the school setting and all the 25 children had straight A’s in their end of term examinations!!!
Our high school children who have started trickling in for the April holidays have also been performing well. A good example is Samuel Odundo who is in form 4 or a senior in high school, he was top of his class this term and won many prices. He is also the school student president and is excelling very well in high school. We are very grateful to God and the wonderful work he is doing in the lives of the children.

On Wednesday April 3rd 2019 Spring Valley School held a Parents’ Day from 7am to 12pm. The event was held in the church and the church was divided into ten sections with a reception area and each of the classes (baby class-class 8) had an area where the class teacher sat waiting for the parents/guardians of the students to arrive.
Pastor Stanley and teacher Alice conduct these parents’ days to assist the parents/guardians of the children to become more responsible and take interest in their children’s lives. It also lifts the children’s self-esteem when they see their parents/guardians coming to the school to pick up their report form/card and talk with their class teachers.

When the parents arrived on Wednesday they were welcomed warmly and registered at the reception desk and directed to the various class teachers of their children. The parents then got to spend one on one time with the class teachers and learn about the progress of their child’s education and performance in school. The parents were then given the report cards of their children and were also invited to the church and the holiday activities that will take place at Spring Valley Centre.

The parents expressed their gratitude at the event and said that they had gained a lot of knowledge on their children’s’ academic strengths and weaknesses. Most parents complimented the school and were grateful to Tr. Alice and Pastor for the marked behavior change and spiritual growth they have observed in their children.

Today was also closing day for the school and children. After the parents picked the children report forms, the children had a special lunch to mark the end of the term and then tr. Jesse gave the children a word of advice, tr. Alice blessed the children and asked them to make sure to come back to the school during the holidays for fun activities that include practicing for the Easter play and Pastor Masambe prayed for the children before they went home for the holidays.


The healthy food that Tr. Alice and Pastor make possible for the children to have everyday has gone a long way in eradicating malnutrition in the children especially the young ones in baby class.The clean water from the well has also contributed greatly to the wellness and cleanliness of the children and their hygiene practices have improved greatly. The general health of the children in Spring Valley is good and Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice are very grateful to God and the partners around the world who make the feeding of the children possible.
We are extremely grateful for the feeding program especially now the country is experiencing severe draught and delayed rains. A lot of counties are facing starvation and lack of water due to the draught and the government is spending a lot of money saving peoples lives and children who at risk of dying due to this. We are very grateful to the Lord that the children of Spring Valley are healthy and well thanks to clean water and food.


Since the children finished their exams last Thursday, they have been doing a lot of revising with their teachers. The teachers and students completed that task on Monday and on Tuesday April 2nd teacher Alice Pastor Stanley, and tr. Jesse decided that the children needed a fun day to relieve stress and begin their holiday. The children got to play singing games outside, compete with each other and they even got to watch a movie, the Jesus film in line with Easter which is coming up shortly. 


How forever grateful we are for the wonderful gift of the generator that was donated by Terrace lake church and Cummins. This generator has been servicing the school very well especially now there is a lot of power outages caused by the drought. Not only does the generator give the children security at night when the light goes off it also helps to pump water from the Water Well to the school tanks when there is no electricity.We are also very grateful to Cummins and terrace lake church who make sure the generator is serviced regularly and maintained. Today the Cummins team came to the school to maintain the generator and we are very grateful for this blessing.


The Joshua boys’ dorm three is almost done and our hope is that the boys who are in need of rescuing will finally be able to occupy the dorms this month. The Joshua top floor and roof are not completed and the boys have been sleeping in unfinished building. It is our prayer that this building will be completed soon with the help of our partners so that the school may comply with the safety code of the country. 
The school has also gotten a face lift with Pastor Stanley, Tr. Alice, and Tr. Jesse pitching in to paint the school and exterior of the school. The painting and face lift is to mark the 20th anniversary of the school, Centre and church that will take place on July 7th of this year.
Spring Valley Kiboko is still looking good with the Water Well and tank intact. The water just needs a reverse osmosis machine and it will be all systems go. Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice are hoping with God’s favor and the help of our partners around the world, the farming and building of the high school will begin this year so that our children can have an easier time joining high school and the school will be able to save over 5million shillings which they spend to educate the children every year in high school.


All in all, it has been a wonderful, fulfilling and most enjoyable term for the Spring Valley family we have seen the mighty hand of God in the little things and the big things. Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice want to extend their deepest gratitude to all the wonderful partners of Spring Valley for going above and beyond in supporting the children. It is our prayer the Lord will mightily bless all our partners for their concern, love and compassion that they have shown to the children, staff, and church members of Spring Valley. 


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