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Huduma is a Swahili word that means service or catering to someone’s needs. Here at Spring Valley we cater to the needs of not only the children but the community as well. A good example of this is that the government of Kenya has brought a mandatory initiative that all Kenyans including children should register for a Huduma (service) number that will serve as the country’s social security number. All documents like your identification card, health cards, university documents, passports, will be under this number to make transactions easier. 
It is also a way for the country to do a census of everyone in the country including foreigners. Kenyans are required to register for these numbers in different centers set up all over the country and in Spring Valley its being done at the chief’s camp. The lines are very long and it is quite a tedious process. 
In order to assist our parents with the process Pastor Stanley, Tr. Jesse, Tr. Alice organized together with the help of the chief, for a Huduma service person to come and register the parents and the children at the school with the assistance of staff members.
Some of our children are orphans, and many of our parents are illiterate and so it was imperative for the school to assist with this issue to make sure the children have complied with the government and the parents are also assisted in filling the forms and getting registered as well.  The process started Friday morning and was completed on Saturday in the late afternoon. We are very happy to report that all the staff members, parents and students are now registered and as Spring valley school we are very excited to have played a part in not only servicing the children but the community as well. 
You our extraordinary partners have also played a crucial role in all this by providing resources that buy food for the school and on Saturday we had to feed the children and the parents because some of them were nursing mothers who had stayed in line all day without any food to eat and some had come with little toddlers who needed feeding too. Tr. Alice made sure they all got something to eat and drink as they waited to be registered. So, thank you our partners for all you do to make it possible to give service to not only the children but also the community of Spring Valley.

Report by,

Margaret Nderi, social Worker,

Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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