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When the children start school at Spring Valley, they are usually lacking many things they are poor in resources, they lack essential things like clothing and basic needs like food, water and education. Pastor Stanley, Tr. Alice and the staff of Spring Valley through the help of you our partners try to meet all the needs of the children and equip them to have a bright future.

Most of the parents of the children never went to school due to poverty and for most of the children they are the first in their families to ever attend school. Due to this the children really value education and work very hard in their studies because they know that education is an important key in breaking the chains of poverty in their lives.

The children have been back in school for a week now and they are working hard in their studies and have adjusted well to the new school term. The school routine is back to normal and the staff, teachers and Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice are working hard to make sure the children get a good education, good food, are comfortable in the dorms and they are receiving hope and faith through prayers and the word of God that they are taught in the school and church.

We really thank the Lord for you our partners, everyday and we know there is a special reward and crown in heaven for you for all you do for the children of Spring Valley.

NB: Attached below are pictures of the children doing various activities in the school

Report by,

Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,

Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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