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The past week has been Ladies’ week in Spring Valley Church. The women of the church who mostly make up the female staff members and the mothers of our children together with Tr. Alice, were responsible for most of the services held during the week and the main Sunday service. On Monday June 3rd Tr. Edna kicked of the week at the 4pm prayer service with a powerful message titled “Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone”. On Wednesday June 5th the women met and prayed together at 3pm before attending the baptism class taught by tr. Jesse and Pastor Masambe at 4pm.
Finally, on Sunday June 9th all the women participated in the church services by volunteering to teach the children Sunday school, ushering the guests and congregation into the church, leading the church in praise and worship and preaching the word.
The main Sunday service leader was Tr. Fridah Kamau who has been part of the school and church for the past 20yrs, and the word was taught by Susan Maina who is the wonderful wife of Tr. Jesse. Susan preached a word from the book of Esther titled “Lessons We Can Learn from Queen Esther”. She spoke on how Esther was obedient, courageous, prayerful, loved and favored by God, Selfless, risked her life so that the Israelites might be saved from Haman, and she also taught on how Esther has remained a source of motivation for women and young girls throughout the ages.
The congregation really responded to the word and many gave their lives to Jesus!!!! Pastor Stanley and Pastor Masambe humbly gave up their role on the pulpit for the day and concentrated on the sound system and making sure the service went smoothly for the Ladies. The children were also excited to see their mothers leading the services and they were very proud of them.
We are very happy for all that the Lord is doing in Spring Valley especially the spiritual growth. We are rejoicing that God’s family is growing one soul at a time here in Spring Valley and that the women of the community have gained enough confidence to stand up for Jesus!!
We also want to thank all our partners for the big role they play in supporting and praying for the church, school and children of Spring Valley. May the Lord mightily Bless you and bring you great Joy and happiness for being a true friend of Spring Valley School and Church!!

Report by,

Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,

Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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