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Rose is a single mother who has three children who all school at Spring Valley. The children were rescued last term in the month of January. The children are called Felix, Dave and Margaret who had been suffering and not going to school. The family moved to Spring Valley from the rural county of Kisumu after their father passed away and the children’s uncles kicked out the family from their home and took all their possessions. The children’s mother fearing for her life and the children’s safety ran away to Nairobi and she settled in Spring Valley where she doesn’t know anybody and has no job.

The family has no possessions, no clothes, no furniture, no food, or any other necessities to survive. Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice took the children in so they can not only get an education but get food, clothing and receive some hope for the future.

The children’s mother is now coming to spring valley church and the other women of the congregation have embraced her and the church is helping her out. The children are loving the school environment and have made many friends already. The family was living in an unfinished building which had not bathroom facility no water access no place for the family to cook and it was in the middle of a dangerous field a long distance a way from spring valley and Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice feared for the children’s safety and felt the family should move closer to the school. Tr. Alice with the help of some staff members found a cheap safe place for the family to stay and she paid for the deposit of the new house.

The mother and her three children officially moved on Wednesday June 19th with the help of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice who provided the family with all the necessary items for their new home including a mattress, because they were sleeping on the bare floor, food, blanket, bed sheet and a second hand bed which was bought at an auction. Some staff members were sent by Tr. Alice and Pastor to assist Rose in carrying her new items, food and furniture into her new home and helped her to arrange her house. She was very grateful and had tears of joy for the love she has been shown at Spring Valley. The staff members prayed with her and connected her with another parent of Spring Valley who has a small contract with the local Slaughter house to do laundry for the workers and she will assist in doing this for a small fee which will help her to survive.

We are so grateful to God and to you our partners whose assistance helps Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice to fulfill the great commissions not only to the children of Spring Valley but also to the community at large. May the Lord bless each one of you mightily for all you do for us.

Report by,

Margaret Nderi, Social Worker,

Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School on behalf of Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice Nganga

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