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Spring Valley Children’s Centre and School was honored by a visit from two of our wonderful friends and partners from global hope that is Marsha Weber and Suzie Ewing. The two wonderful ladies visited spring Valley on Sunday June 23rd and Monday June 24th. On Sunday Suzie and Marsha arrived early and taught the Sunday school class and teens club before the main church service. Suzie taught the teens about peer pressure and also answered a lot of questions about U.S.A that the children had. Marsha taught the little ones in Sunday school about Noah’s ark and gave each child stickers that related to the Bible Story. The two ladies also attended the main church service and served the children lunch after church.
On Monday Marsha and Suzie served the children breakfast, went for a tour of the facility and then the Suzie taught the teens more about peer pressure, hygiene for both boys and girls and another special lesson for girls on girl issues. She also motivated the children especially class 8 students. Marsha was with the pre-school children in the church reading a Noah’s ark story to the little ones and then they got to do an art and craft fun activity with stickers and paper plates depicting the Bible story.
The team then served the children lunch and went for home visits in the community. They visited 8 of some of the neediest children and families of Spring Valley and the community was very blessed by their kindness and the food baskets they bought them.
Pastor Stanley, Teacher Alice and the entire Spring Valley family want to express their deepest gratitude to Suzie and Marsha for taking their time to travel from so far away to come and be a blessing to the children of Spring Valley. We also want to express our gratitude to the whole Global Hope team for their support and dedication they have always shown the children of Spring Valley. We do not take this for granted and we pray that the Lord will mightily bless this wonderful organization for their kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and prayers they have shown and given the children and community of Spring Valley.
NB: Attached below are pictures of the wonderful two-day visit

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