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Covid-19 UPDATE
The president addressed the nation on Monday July 27th, because of the surge in the virus infections in the country. The president extended the 9pm-4pm curfew for another 30 days, all bars are closed until further notice and all restaurants are to close by 7pm. He has not locked down the counties because of economic reasons but he has enforced the wearing of masks and social distancing to prevent the spreading of the disease.

It has been a busy day at Spring Valley. The children are learning fun things and today they learned how to plant vegetables in make shift pots and containers. They mixed the soil and fertilizer for planting and on Friday they will plant the vegetable seeds and water them.

Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice also fed the children of the community as they do every day because most of them are facing starvation due to the effects of the pandemic. The food the children get at the school is the only food the children get to eat for an entire day and so Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice ensure the children are fed on a daily basis.

The school clinic is also playing a big role for the children staying at the school as it is the first stop for first aid and preventative medicine. Due to the virus most hospitals are overcrowded and the medical staff are few. We are grateful that at the school we can give the children first aid and take care of minor illnesses like stomach aches, the common cold, headaches, indigestions burns, and cuts so that the children do not have to go to hospital for minor issues especially at this time where most hospitals and health care workers are the ones with the highest number of Covid infections.

We are kindly asking you our partners for your continuous support in feeding the children and also replenishing some of the medications in the clinic like pain killers, acid relievers and some cough syrups which are running low at the moment. The clinic needs around 50,000 shillings ($500) to restock some of the medications that are running low.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to you our partners and friends for always standing with Pastor Stanley and tr. Alice throughout the years and for your continued love and support you show the children of Spring Valley.
May the Lord bless you always and watch over each one of you.

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