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Kenya recorded a total of 1,068 new COVID 19 cases yesterday only taking the total number of cases in Kenya to 47,212. This is the highest number recorded in a day since the pandemic struck the country in March. The samples taken yesterday give a positivity rate of 14.1% which is almost three times the expected 5% threshold that the World Health Organization says signifies that the virus is under control. Nairobi County is the leading county with the most number of infections.

The numbers are alarming and the experts in the country are predicting a second wave of the pandemic is about to hit the country and that a possible lockdown of especially the county of Nairobi is looming.

Due to this pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice are wisely stocking up on food for the children of Spring Valley and all the items the school will need just in case a lockdown happens which is most likely to happen very soon. The children who came back to school are doing very well and they are thriving in their academics and have become very healthy because of the four meals they now get to partake every day. Our biggest worry now is that because of the increase in the virus cases schools will be forced to shut down again and our children will be sent home once more.

We kindly ask for your prayers that the Lord will keep the children and staff of Spring Valley safe from the virus. We thank you for your continued support that is assisting Pastor Stanley and Tr. Alice in feeding the children, buying masks, sanitizers for them and the teachers and assisting the children in getting quality education and instilling godly values in them. May the Lord continue to bless each one of you in a special way for all you do for a child in Spring Valley.
NB: attached below are pictures of food being delivered to the school and of the children enjoying their lunch

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