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The COVID cases in country are on the rise and Kenya is facing a second wave of the pandemic. The most unfortunate effect of the virus in the country according to statistics, is that half of the students all over the country will not return to school when all pupils will be allowed to go back. Most of the teen boys are trying to help their parents and guardians by doing odd jobs, including using motorcycles to transport people, some of the teen boys in slums have also entered into a life of crime due to hunger and others have started using alcohol and drugs.

The teen girls are in even worse situations in the country with a lot of them having gotten pregnant and some have been married off to older men by their parents for a few cows, goats or camels due to hunger. They are the most vulnerable right now because the NGO’s that work in some of the remotest parts of Kenya and help protect these girls have been forced to shut down due to the Pandemic.

Here in Spring Valley we are working very hard to beat these statistics so that we do not lose any of our children to crime, early pregnancy or marriage. Pastor Stanley and teacher Alice are feeding the children on a daily basis, Tr. Alice makes sure that some staff members visit the homes of the most vulnerable children of the school to check on their progress and intervene where necessary. The children staying at the school and the class 4 and 8 pupils who returned to school are kept busy everyday with their lessons and other fun extra-curricular activities including church events.

The children today got to eat a special meal of pilau to encourage them and uplift their spirits.

We are extremely grateful that none of our children so far have been part of these awful statistics and with God’s help we intend to keep it that way.  Thank you, dear partners, for your love, care and support you continue to show us. Your making a huge difference in the life of a child in Spring Valley.

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