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The Kiboko Land Project

Spring Valley Baptist through the help of various sponsors around the world, has recently acquired a 24 acre piece of land located in the Eastern part of Kenya about 2hrs drive from Nairobi in a town called Kiboko. Pastor Stanley and teacher Alice want to use the land for the following purposes:

1. Feeding Program

The immediate need and challenge, is the continuation of the children’s feeding program. Without the feeding program these children and the community will go back to its earlier days of high child mortality rates. The meals these children eat at school are the only meals they get to eat for an entire day, because majority of their parents are jobless, illiterate and have no means of providing for their children. 50% of the students are orphans and are totally dependent on the care, shelter, free education, and food they get at Spring Valley Baptist School. The feeding program is quite expensive since the school feeds over 300 students, four meals a day, seven days a week. Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice have worked hard to ensure that this feeding program is consistent throughout the years. Due to the increase in the number of children in the school and the high prices of food in the country, Pastor Stanley and teacher Alice want to use a portion of the recently acquired land in Kiboko to farm in order to help sustain the feeding program. Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice need a lot of assistance in converting this land into a farm and are kindly requesting assistance from donors and sponsors around the world in helping with this challenge.

2. High School And Technical School

As the children of Spring Valley Baptist have grown and finished their primary education it has become hard to find high schools for them because Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice have to find individual sponsors for each child and each child has to pay different school fees depending on what high school accepts them and they face the same problem when they finish their high school education and need to join colleges and universities. With the project having over one hundred students in high school it has become very expensive to support them. Pastor Stanley and teacher Alice want to use some of the Kiboko land to create a high school which the children of spring Valley Baptist can attend after finishing their primary education and a technical college that will teach them skills like plumbing, tailoring, housekeeping, catering, mechanics, etc so that after high school the children will have skills that they can use to better themselves. Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice are kindly asking for assistance in this area so that the children can have a secure future.

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