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Talitha Koum Dorms

In 2013 March the Talitha Koum (little girl arise) dorm was opened in the school compound by Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice through the help of friends, partners, sponsors, and donors. Pastor and Teacher Alice felt a heavy burden to provide a safe haven to girls who are extremely vulnerable to abuse and neglect or have already been abused. The second phase of the dorm was opened on April 2014 and both dorms house eighty girls in total. Most of the talitha koum girls are victims of rape at the hands of relatives, some are victims of the 2007 post election violence and they watched their parents and relatives being murdered, others come from homes where the parents’ abuse drugs and alcohol and some are orphans and Spring Valley Baptist is their only home. These girls have gone through unspeakable horrors and yet through the love of Jesus, and the loving care of Pastor Stanley and Teacher Alice, these special group of girls have learned to smile again, are healthier, they have a higher self-esteem and have also gained self-confidence in who they are. Teacher Alice has also made it possible for all the girls in the school to have free sanitary towels on a monthly basis. The Talitha Koum girls have become a great source of joy and inspiration to the Spring Valley Baptist family.

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